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Incontro is a solid wood living table made with reclaimed oak and iron and realized by Italian artisans.


The wood comes from the iconic Venetian briccole, numbered wooden poles embedded in the lagoon floor with the upper section remaining above water.


They serve as guideposts to define navigable canals and they are part of the Venetian history. This wood has extraordinary aesthetic properties thanks to the water erosion and the local mollusks which feed on the wood and create the characteristic holes.


A precise artisan work process gives a second life to a product that would have otherwise been discarded, creating a piece of furniture which contains all the beauty and magic of this incredible territory.


The base is made of six metal sheets with variable thicknesses, held together with visible weldings.


Four vertical sheets, each with a width of 20 centimeters, are connected using a double H internal structure, to support the 240-centimeter tabletop. A slice from the trunk of an oak is inserted between the sheets creating an unexpected detail.


The top surface is made with solid wood planksof varying widths and a thickness of 4 centimeters. The external edges are left in their raw state to preserve their natural beauty.


This series is dedicated to the beauty of imperfection and aims to be an ode to local craftsmanship, expertise and dedication to a profession which has always represented Made in Italy.

No two pieces are alike nor they can be replicated.


Only twenty unique tables create this series which emphasizes the intrinsic value of each one.

A numbered plaque, with a customizable header, guarantees the exclusivity of each table.


Company: 20-pieces limited series

Year: 2017

Design: Francesco Meneghello

Photo: Alberto Buzzanca