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Francesco Meneghello’s projects stem from a creative vision that interlaces different visual alphabets between art and design, often infinitely close to the rarefied codes of fashion.


The meaning of his work is never the rigorous stylistic synthesis. It is instead the research of a dilated dimension, expanding towards infinite directions, that chooses acrobatic balances between reason and emotion, between concrete and ephemeral, rather than the sense of uniformity.


The aesthetic sensitivity that singles out all his interior projects goes spontaneously towards an ideal of essentiality, that is yet very far from any abstraction and never renouncing the imaginative side of design.


His vision allows the presence of quotes, digressions and divertissement that freely go through times and places, suggesting new possibilities of relationship between man, the space and the objects.


His attitude to overlap and blend different registers, interpreting the complex essence of dwelling, is the key to his design work.


Each time in a different way, Francesco Meneghello enjoys staging an unexpected sense of awe, like in an extraordinary Wunderkammer.


In his settings the objects of wonder are certainly the expressive art and design pieces, but also and above all the fluid and changing connections between the worlds they belong to.


In 2024 he unveiled WE DON’T DESIGN, a new design identity, inspired by the 900’s Italian avant-garde in art and fashion, proposing collectible objects.


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