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Abisso is a bathroom furniture series composed by washbasins, mirrors and accessories.


Washbasins are made of matte black stainless steel and come in four different installation options: built-in, countertop low profile, countertop high profile and freestanding. Each one of them is available in both the round version and the one with beveled corners. The built-in and freestanding washbasins come with a blue diffused lighting system that sits on the lower part.


Inside the metals there is a removable basin of Cristalplant® bio-based, a matte white eco-sustainable material that thrives in bathroom environments. Thanks to the slight slope of the design, the water easily drains without leaving a trail, disappearing down the perimeter drain through a beautiful visual effect.


The visual impact is incredibly clean thanks to the volume of these two pieces used to hide the siphon and all the industrial components.


All the wood support surfaces are custom made. All the furniture, which comes in different sizes, is made with an internal black wood structure and an external matte black stainless steel shell. The doors and front of the drawers are finished, both inside and outside, with the same wood essence chosen for the top. The fittings are all at 45 degrees.


Mirrors have a double illuminating system: one with a neutral frontal light, for all the daily needs, and the other one with a lower blue light, for ambiance and relax.


There is also a freestanding mirror with the innovative design of using a single attachment. Light but structurally resistant, it frames perfectly the person in front of it thanks to the semi vertical position.


There is a selection of matte black stainless steel accessories and even the smallest one can be coordinated with the washbasins and furniture by choosing a round or a beveled corners shape.


All the products are the result of a complex semi-handcrafted process of construction, with the possibility of tailor-made and many different personalizations.


Company: Atelier12

Year: 2015/2017

Design: Francesco Meneghello, Davide Lanfranco

Photo: Alberto Buzzanca