Francesco Meneghello Designer - Il Sentiero delle More

Francesco Meneghello studio was founded in May 2019 by Francesco Meneghello, 30-years-old Italian designer.

This identity took life with the aim of evolving his field of work, improving the competences from the furniture design to the interior design.


“The space resides into us, in our past, and it is defined by the time passed on places which have shaped our soul. The contemporary living is nothing more than a nostalgic research of those places, with the colors and smells of our childhood. Our role is to give expression to your inner self through materials and light, full and empty. The escape from reality through that blackberry trail, a significant place of my past, is still living and shaping a freedom mindset.”


The identity is thus an ode to the designer’s childhood, in particular to the meaning of (his) space, not only referred to a domestic dimension, rather in the broadest sense of the term.


His approach to design is characterized by unexpected contaminations on styles, with a unique and recognizable result.